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About Katya Nicholas

Katya Nicholas has made it her life mission to unlock every human's Zone of Genius. She has guided hundreds of individuals globally to unearth, recognize, and own their unique talent DNA, a.k.a. their genius. With a Master’s in translation and linguistics from St. Petersburg, Russia, she spent eight years helping humans speaking different languages and living in different cultures to appreciate each other. This training to promote cross-cultural understanding as an objective, judgment-free conduit now benefits Katya in her coaching to ensure any disheartened professional learns the language of their brilliance and confidently anchors themselves in their zone of genius. Katya currently focuses on career pivoters to ensure they pivot with confidence.

In addition to ensuring everyone thoroughly enjoys their professional life, Katya also uses her natural empathic abilities in portrait and personal branding photography to deliver authentic and captivating imagery. Katya learned photography at the age of 9, and perfected her craft while studying it at the New York Institute of Photography. Her work has been featured in numerous publications, including Forbes, Business Insider, and Yahoo! Finance.

What clients are saying:

"Working with you, the most enlightening thing was to understand that I have these underlying patterns of behavior that automatically give me strength. I don't have to think about being strategic or commanding or self-assured. I just am.

If somebody criticized me for those behaviors, I could absorb their energy, and change my behavior. But changing my behavior would not serve anyone in the best way. Understanding my talents allows me to double down on them and actually benefit from them!"

Satya P.

"I’ve always been great at my job, but I’ve been sort of oblivious to how I do what I do. Katya helped me define what is in my zone of genius by linking my signature strengths to what I do when I’m at my best. This clarity made me realize that I needed to make certain adjustments in my professional life to ensure my role is in complete alignment with my natural strengths. It made it so much easier for me to negotiate the scope of work as well as my rates!"

C., Principal Business Architect

"It was a big deal for me to recognize how important my Significance talent is when it comes to creating the life I want. Knowing and embracing my strengths really helped me prioritize my goals, and streamlined my decision-making process. I am now making choices based on my strengths, rather than what other people say I should do."

Derek L., Senior Software Engineer

"Our conversation about strengths has really stuck with me and I keep going back to it to tweak and refine my services. So grateful for your friendship and support!

Your sessions have just been so eye opening and the impact of your work is like ripples in the ocean, and they just keep going. Your work is so powerful."

Parijat Deshpande, High-Risk Pregnancy Specialist & Bestselling Author

"Katya is a joy to work with. She uses stories and curiosity to go deeper and anchor the concepts. She listens not only to what I'm saying but she uses her intuition to ask me about what I'm not saying. Each session she brought knowledge and a set of tools that were so immediately useful to me."

"In one of our sessions, Katya reminded me that being around other people is like oxygen to me. This was so validating and so spot on, because all of my top strengths are relationship-building! So no wonder I was cranky and drained after working from home by myself day in and day out. Her validation of my deep need for connection helped me to feel seen, understood, and inspired me to take action towards intentionally adding more connection in my daily life."

Stacy R.

"Before starting my coaching with Katya, to be honest, I was afraid to show her who I really was. The fear of having yet another stranger get to know me was overwhelming. My biggest challenge was showing up for myself. I really needed a change. Putting myself first has always been a struggle. I have always loved helping others and always put myself on the back burner. I never felt comfortable setting boundaries with others no matter what. Working with Katya has been incredible. She made me realize that what I thought were my weaknesses are actually my strengths. It was really amazing to see how I use my strengths on a daily basis. I had no idea that my natural talents can help me explore more career options where I can do something I love without needing a learned skill. I loved that with each session Katya's curiosity would allow us to go more in depth in trying to see in which areas I could thrive more. She would listen to what I was not saying and would allow me to expand more on how I felt. After a few sessions I felt like I was talking to a friend who actually understood my personality. I can say I feel a lot more comfortable talking to people without fear of being judged.

Kenia M.